You can now complete your New Jersey State Police (NJSP) Firearms Application online. The following are instructions on how to apply online for a Firearms Identification Card or Permit to Purchase a Handgun.


First, write down the Middlesex Borough Police Department’s ORI Number before proceeding to step 2. The applicant MUST live in the Borough of Middlesex to use this ORI Number. If you do not live in the Borough of Middlesex, please contact your local police agency for their ORI Number. Middlesex Borough Police Department’s ORI Number is: 


Visit the following website to start the online application:


Complete the online application. You may complete the application using a smartphone, mobile device, laptop or desktop computer. When completing the application you will need the email addresses of two (2) reputable references.

Please review the entire application for accuracy prior to submitting it. If your application is submitted with errors or information was omitted, the Middlesex Borough Police Department does not have the ability to make corrections or add additional information and you will be required to submit a new application.


Make applicable firearm fee payments. Please note, the police department collects a fee for Firearms I.D. Cards and Handgun Purchase Permits, which is different from any fee collected from the New Jersey State Police or Identogo.

The firearms fees for an INITIAL Firearms I.D. Card is $50.00 and $25.00 for each Handgun Purchase Permit. There is no fee for a DUPLICATE Firearms I.D. Card or a CHANGE OF ADDRESS on a Firearms I.D. Card. For the applicant’s convenience, the fees can now be paid online with a debit or credit card (3% transaction fee will apply). You may make an online payment at the bottom of this page.

If the applicant does not wish to pay the necessary fees online, you MUST make an appointment to pay in person, at Middlesex Police Headquarters. Only cash (exact change) or money order (payable to the “Borough of Middlesex”) is accepted in person. Non-refundable payment is required to be made at the time of application as per NJAC 13:54-1.4.

You will be receiving automated email updates throughout the application process. Please do not contact the Middlesex Borough Police Department to inquire about the status of your application. 

Please advise your references that the FARS system will email them the reference sheet, which needs to be completed to progress your background investigation.

The falsification of any information provided on any firearms application is a violation of N.J.S.A. 2C:39-10c, which is a third-degree crime and can result in criminal charges against you. 

If you have any questions in reference to completing your application, please email

Make Payment Online

Choose option from drop down menu below and click “Buy Now”. You do not need a PayPal account and you may pay with a debit or credit card. 

Online Payment Options (Includes 3% Transaction Fee)