Patrol Division

The largest of the department’s three divisions, the uniformed Patrol Division’s primary
function is the preservation of life and property. The Patrol Division encompasses the
Patrol Bureau, the Traffic Safety Unit, Police Matrons, the Community Policing Unit and
the School Security Unit. The patrol officer aggressively enforces motor vehicle laws to
ensure the safe and efficient passage of vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians. The primary
functions of the Patrol Division are to deter and discover the commission of crimes, to
enforce criminal and traffic laws, and to maintain peace and good order.

Patrol officers are the first on-scene for a wide range of calls for service, that includes
medical emergencies, natural disasters, fires, domestic disputes, motor vehicle crashes,
and the investigation of crimes and disorderly persons offenses.

Members of the Patrol Division staff the Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP), answering
all 9-1-1 and non-emergency calls and dispatching the appropriate resources for the
requested call for service.

The Patrol Division is comprised of a Patrol Lieutenant, a School Resource Officer,
and sixteen patrol officers divided into four squads each led by a Patrol Sergeant.
The patrol vehicle fleet consists of thirteen marked patrol vehicles, one motorcycle
and 4 bicycles.