Investigations Division

Commanded by a Lieutenant and comprised of three Detectives, the Investigations Division is responsible for investigating crimes, including processing crime scenes and collecting evidence, providing technical and operational support and coordinating investigations with various Federal, State, County and Municipal law enforcement agencies. Typical investigations conducted by the Division include robberies, sexual assaults, arsons, burglaries, motor vehicle and other thefts, missing persons and all juvenile related criminal activity. They perform additional responsibilities permit and license inspections and gathering and disseminating intelligence. Additionally, the Investigations Division conducts any and all police recruit, police employment and police volunteer background investigations.

The Investigations Division is responsible for maintaining daily contact with the Federal, State, County and Municipal agencies involved in providing domestic security and with disseminating relevant information to specific personnel within the department. The Investigations Division works closely with the State and County youth services agencies, local schools and parent groups, and other organizations to prevent juvenile crime and to identify those juveniles who are in need of help. They also administer the Stationhouse Adjustment Program.

The Investigations Division also oversees the Records and Service Bureau and the Evidence and Property function. The Records and Service Bureau Supervisor is comprised of a Sergeant and two civilian Records Secretaries.