Special News Release – February 24, 2023

Special News Release – February 24, 2023

Chief Matthew P. Geist announced that Lieutenant Thomas Falk, the Administration Division
Commander with the Middlesex Police Department, graduated from the Fall 2022 Session of the
prestigious New Jersey State Association of Chiefs of Police (NJSACOP) Command and
Leadership Academy and attended a graduation ceremony on February 23, 2023.

“This is a fantastic achievement for Lieutenant Falk,” said Chief Geist. “We are proud of the
rigorous work and study he invested into this very challenging curriculum. His success benefits
out organization and bolsters our commitment to furthering the professionalism of the Middlesex
Police Department.”

The 14-week academy was developed in 1993 by the NJSACOP in collaboration with the United
States Military Academy at West Point and provides a unique blend of theory and application.
Throughout the course, officers are challenged to take various leadership theories they are taught
and devise real world solutions to the complex problems presented to them.

The highly competitive program aims to fashion officers into police leaders who can meet
challenges in the law enforcement community. The primary focus of the program is on personnel
and their work environments. Participants study theories on behavior, motivation, conflict
management, decision making, and communication.

Participation in the Command and Leadership Program is based on applicants successfully
completing a competitive selection process.

Lt. Falk has served as a member of the Middlesex Police Department since 2005, and we offer
congratulations to him upon completion of this program.